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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 Release Date and Price in USA

Get detailed information about GTA 6 Release Date USA and GTA 6 Price in USA in this post. Grand Theft Auto VI will soon reelase on PS3, PS4, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows PC, Android and iOS (iPhones and iPad). Till now 15 games have been released in the GTA series, but the GTA 6 will be special one. Following the earlier game GTA V, the most successful and expensive game in history, the company decided to develop the sequel with more features and more fun. You can find the best offers to buy Grand Theft Auto 6 online in USA in the price list section.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date and Price in USA
Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date and Price in USA

GTA 6 Release Date USA

GTA 6 Price in USA

GTA 6 Details

Grand Theft Auto VI is definitely on the cards and as per the close sources of the Rock Star Games, the video game is already in the development as of year 2016, the location of the GTA VI is outside of United States (may be Tokyo, Japan), but the exact location of the gameplay will be reveled soon as the release date nears. According to the reports company has already registered names GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota and GTA: Sin City way back in year 2003.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released in 2008 and Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, which is five years difference between the sequel. The game development really takes many years and many technical hands are involved in production of this huge game series. Once developed the GTA 6 will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PSP, iOS (iPhones, iPad) and Android mobile.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be releasing in all the countries including USA, but release dates may vary according to the sources, the exact release date and price of GTA 6 in USA will be published after it has been announced by Rockstar Games. Earlier in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5 which got released in 2013 raked more than billion dollars for the company, that’s the power of GTA franchise, so the company is making sure that the sixth sequel should be improved in graphics and they are working hard to make the game as real as possible in terms of playing experience, physics of the game, more reality stunts and more.

The latest to release by Rockstar Games is Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on Andorid on 11 February 2016. Grand Theft Auto 6 will be developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games which will be distributed by Take-Two Interactive. GTA 6 will be produced by Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar which will be degined by Leslie Benzies and programmed by Adam Fowler. They will use RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) to develop the game which will have Single-player and multiplayer modes.

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